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In 1985 the Seal Centre Friedrichskoog was founded by the community of Friedrichskoog and the Landesjagdverband Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (LJV - hunting association of the state Schleswig-Holstein). Since 1992 it is a registered and non-profit society run by the name “Seehundstation Friedrichskoog e.V.” (Seal Centre Friedrichskoog) – Information, Rehabilitation and Research”, and since 1996 it is financed solely by admission fees and sponsoring.


Next to comprehensive information and environmental education the rehabilitation of harbour and grey seals according to animal welfare, as well as applied and contemporary research initiatives for species conservation are the main endeavours of the Seal Centre.


By watching the resident harbour and grey seals you can gain special impressions of the lives of indigenous seals. At the large underwater windows everybody can dive down with Nemi & Co.  The feeding and training of the animals are narrated so you can learn more about their biology and behaviour.


The manifold offers at the “Information Centre Harbour Seal” and the experiencing exhibit “Seals of the World” invite to playfully learn about the biology, hazards and protective measures for indigenous marine mammals and their relatives.

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28.05. Aktionstag "WWF Artenschutzkoffer"

Ab 11:30 Uhr können kleine und große Besucher viel rund umdas Thema Artenschutz und Artenvielfalt erfahren.

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04.06. Kurz vorgestellt: Probleme junger Seehunde im Sommer
Beginn: 15:00 Uhr

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11.06. Robbenrallye
Ab 11:00 Uhr können Groß und Klein mit einer spannenden Rallye die Station auf eigene Faust erkunden und Spannendes über Robben erfahren.

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